Per Matrem Canto means:By the mother I sing.This statement will point out that all art originates from the virginal-maternal, or world of the unborn.The perfect example is always new,original.    I I am a professional artist since 1975. Step by step I was more and more preoccupated with the relation  between music and the visual arts.Especially  the music of the composer Gustav Mahler urged me to it, but  first it was his remarkable face that inspired me.Between 1985 and 1987 I made a sequense of watercolors in which Mahler dominates surrounded by socalled musical landscapes.But I wanted to understand of what music really was about, so from 1990 to 1995 I follwed a musical education.The result of it al was that I finally started to understand the nature of abstract art: non-figurative or abstract art actually is musical visual art and the origin of all art is music.

Ever since, style, subject, abstract or naturalistic is of less importance in my way of creating art; first comes composing  a picture in a musical way but by pictorial means.Secondary is meaning, story or whatever.In other words: every subject, every style is possible. ( a practical point of view in getting commissions)